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Our chorus meets year round with various types of performances ranging from community events to formal concerts/shows. We understand that not every performance can fit into your busy life schedule, we will have a way you can indicate your attendance.


We rehearse Tuesday nights from 6:30pm - 9:00pm in Santa Maria. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early for each session: this will create an exciting buzz in the room, give you a chance to chat with your peers, and ensure we start promptly. Our rehearsals typically take place at Lutheran Church of Our Savior (Bradley and Patterson Road), 

4725 S. Bradley Road in Santa Maria.


We don’t specify an absolute attendance minimum for rehearsals. That said, if you’ll miss more than one rehearsal per month in the last few months before a major performance, it’ll be difficult to be a net contributor: you risk missing musical instructions, affecting sectional unity upon your return, reducing rehearsal energy during your absence, and so forth. We will have a method for you to indicate your attendance at rehearsals and performances.


CCC may attend one or two local or regional, barbershop contest per year.

We do this for three reasons:

* (1) create (and become more adept at creating) inspiring musical experiences,

(2) get feedback from well-calibrated adjudicators on how we’re trending as an ensemble

(3) to have fun with each other and other barbershoppers in a celebratory environment.

* Barbershop “contests” are really more like festivals, with groups from the near

and greater region sharing moving experiences with one another. The experience

is collaborative with a touch of mutually-supported competition: we deliver

some of our most passionate, honest performances at these events; and we

enjoy the opportunity to socialize and SING with like-minded people!

Barbershop quartet in front of antique car
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